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In Season Hours

Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend

11am - 10pm

Off Season Hours

Mother's Day in May to Memorial Day Weekend
Labor Day to Columbus Day in October

There is a limited schedule at the beginning and end of the season.

Office Hours



RESERVATIONS: 518-668-2875

At the Shoreline Restaurant on Lake George... you can enjoy a wonderful meal, casual or fine dining, while enjoying the beautiful views of the lake from our covered deck or glass enclosed lounge. Our covered deck provides a 180 degree view of the Lake - there isn’t a better seat in town!

The Shoreline Restaurant uses only the freshest of ingredients and offers delectably delightful American cuisine including zesty steaks and chops, fresh lobster & fish, and an assortment of pastas. Take advantage of an exceptional 180 degree view and superb dining at the Shoreline Restaurant.

We have a full service beverage bar with an outstanding view of the lake. Relax and enjoy a cocktail or perhaps a glass of one of our fine wines.

Don’t miss the fireworks every Thursday during July and August - we’ve got the best seat in town. Enjoy a relaxing dinner on our deck and watch the fireworks at the same time. A great way to spend a Thursday evening.

Of course, we’re handicap accessible. If you have special needs please give us a call.

Remember... We book fabulous private parties and specialize in catering to your specific needs. Contact our sales office for all event inquiries.

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