Cruise Reviews

"Always on time, helpful staff getting on and off the boat, comfortable seating, easy to purchase the tickets and sound system is excellent.

Rhea H., Elvis Cruise Guest
June 2017

"The food, music and company was excellent. The staff is so nice making the cruise very pleasurable. Thank you for providing such a nice New Years day. We have made this our tradition year after year!!

Brenda T., Frostbite Cruise Guest
January 2017

 "Very fun! And boat manager Robyn W. always makes the ride extra fun! :)

 Lance C., Frostbite Cruise Guest

January 2017

"It was our first time going on this Cruise. We will definitely be going again next year. My husband works for a Municipality and turned down overtime to go on this Cruise and he will again next year if they call him in.

Sherry FB, Frostbite Cruise Guest
January 2017

"Friendly staff, great food and drink. A lot of fun. Looking forward to our fourth frostbite cruise next year!

Andrew K, Frostbite Cruise Guest
January 2017

"I was impressed with how the food was all set up, hot and ready to go, no waiting, staff was right on key with replacing the trays of food as needed. I loved it that you had room on the first deck to eat and talk then move around. Everyone that I talked with was having a great time dancing to the band. We have talked to a lot of our friends telling them that they have to book next year with us, it was a great time for a good price. Great job on helping us bring in the new year with a bang. See you next year!! 

Jim H., Frostbite Cruise Guest

January 2017 

"It is a day I look forward to every year! No better way to bring in the new year! Great music, people and boat trip! Thanks!!"

 Donna S, Frostbite Cruise Guest

January 2017

"All four of us enjoyed the ride and view it was perfect for my six year old granddaughter who was here visiting me from Arizona."

Lauree H, New Year's Eve Kid Friendly Cruise Guest
December 2016

 "We took the 1 hour cruise along the shoreline and sat on the upper deck closest to the front. Let me tell you that after the boat headed for open waters my husband and I were on our feet at the rail enjoying the scenery and taking photos the entire hour. Motoring past the mansions and boathouses on the shoreline of Millionaire's Row was eye popping. The trees are starting their fall colors which enhanced the shoreline views. 

We had been walking around the Village of Lake George and the shoreline of the lake and and I wasn't all that impressed. However, 5 minutes into the cruise I was hooked on Lake George. The islands, the bays, the mountains rising in the background and the sun shining on the lake coloring it silver made this cruise memorable.

Take the cruise, you'll be glad you did!"

Donna V, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
October 2016

"Fabulous Cruise! This was my first time on Lake George and it was a fabulous way to start the holiday weekend. Katie and her crew greets you with a smile and helps with any questions about the area. The boat was clean, food and drink were available. The chairs were comfortable and we had plenty of room to sit. The history of the lake and the homes was extremely informative and you can't beat the view."

Carrie S, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
September 2016

"Wonderful and relaxing! We took the 2 hour Bay Cruise with our daughter and her boyfriend. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful day and the relaxing ride. Crew was extremely nice and helpful!"

lmajor99, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
September 2016

"First time on Lake George...We had a great time on the Hericon. The Capt., Bob I think was very informative and entertaining. We were even allowed to bring our 'well behaved pet on a leash' which made the excursion that much more enjoyable. The crew was great, very courteous. We. Will definitely go again or on one of there other sight seeing excursions."

fshnski, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
August 2016



"Great way to spend two hours, my wife and I had a great time on the cruise. We were initially concerned that the boat would be too crowded by there were so many seats available with great views that it was no problem. The boat left right on time and we learned about many of the more famous properties on the lake and other interesting bits of information. The sound system worked great so you could listen from any area of the boat. There are three levels on the boat and they all had great views. Once you get moving, there is a nice breeze to enjoy. If you're the least bit cold, there is an inside area with plenty of seating and great views. We went on the 11:30-2:30 cruise and they had great lunch and beverage options for reasonable prices. The two hours went fast but we had an enjoyable time."

Jim M., Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016



"The staff was so so nice & friendly. The experience of booking online & not having a paper ticket was wonderful and very easy. I was pleased with the info about the houses and there was plenty of room to sit inside or outside."

ChiChi004, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016


"Besy way to see Lake George! We have been on many boat rides over the years since we are from this area. They are all great experiences but this boat is our favorite. The crew is super attentive, the boat is clean and smooth riding, and Captain Ed, also a local, entertained us with a variety of stories about the Lake. Lake George is absolutely stunning and the views from this boat speak for themselves."

bernarddebrad, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016


"Relaxing cruise in the middle of the day! What a great way to spend a couple of hours in Lake George! We had a champagne welcome and it was a wonderful cruise from that moment on. We enjoyed the Captain's narrative of the places we were passing as we cruised along at a breezy pace that was so relaxing as only being on the water can be. I highly recommend this cruise to anyone who enjoys being on the water and loves the scenery that Lake George offers. It is suitable for couples, singles and families."

CarolfromAlbany, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Great Cruise! My husband and I took the one hour cruise on the Horicon. It was such a great time ! The boat is beautiful , lots of seats available to get a great view and some really great pictures. There's a bar on the second level for a nice glass of wine or a beer to relax with also. The captain was great , he had a lot of great information to share about things we were looking at along the cruise, great history! Recommend this cruise to anyone visiting Lake George!"

JennaKJ, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Great Cruise. We took the one hour cruise and it was lovely. The weather was perfect and we sat at the bow. The captain gave great information about what we were seeing as we travelled around the lake. There is so much history in the Lake George area. There is a cash bar and the margaritas were great.Take time to cruise the lake if you visit Lake George."

cyndyjones47, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Very Enjoyable Trip! Our experience from initial contact to leaving the boat was very enjoyable. Lexi on the phone was super helpful taking care of us, the crew of the boat and ticket booth were all pleasant and professional. The drinks were cold, had food as an option although we did not eat. 3 levels of the boat to choose from. Inside in air-conditioned comfort or outside in the fresh air. Nice to have that choice! My advice to others would be to sit on the left side of the boat when you leave port as the first part of the trip goes along the shoreline on that side and the views are wonderful. Parking is a bit confusing, so park at the Shoreline Restaurant, and make sure to give yourself come extra time to park and make the boat when it leaves. We will do this again... Fall foliage trip will be well woth it!"
Mark B, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016

"So much fun! We were looking forward to the dinner cruise, but the weather wasn't looking good. Since they run rain or shine, we went. The food was really good. After eating we quickly went outside to see if the weather would hold up. We were able to take some really good pictures before it started raining. But to be honest it was even more fun in the rain. We were able to stand on the second floor outside but under a little bit of cover and watch the lightening show. It was amazing. My boyfriend and I will not forget this trip! PS bring a rain coat if there's rain in the forecast."

MaureenPI12, Adirondac Dinner Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Fireworks Night! Lake George area has whatever you want. Quiet rest, Busy street life, Shopping, Grest food, You can choose how much or How little you want to do. Cruise was very interesting and Fireworks were Great!"
stms2621, Horicon Family Fireworks Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Relaxing and informative 2 hour cruise. We sailed on a lovely, 2 hour cruise and left at 11:30 am. There were plenty of places to sit both inside and/or out. Food and drink was available for purchase as well. The captain narrated all the points of interest along the way and the ride was smooth, informative and enjoyable. I highly recommend this cruise. Actually, my daughter and her boyfriend are going on this trip next week because of my referral."

Chic2geek1, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Dinner Cruise with pirates! Highly recommended! Was not sure what to expect on this dinner cruise but the experience went above and beyond my expectations. The food was excellent! Prime rib to die for! Elegant white tablecloths and live music. Beautiful sights. And even a pirate themed show going on upstairs with cannons and everything. Loved it!! 'Pirate' Captain Hal and staff couldn't have been more friendly. Captain introduced himself to passengers. They gave nice insight into the area and pointed out important sights. I look forward to doing another one next year."
cbreux10, Adirondac Dinner Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Beautiful, relaxing cruise! You cannot beat a scenic cruise on Lake George on a hot summer day. It is a beautiful gem in the Adirodacks. The Shoreline Cruise is family friendly for all ages. My 92 year old dad had a great time. The staff were polite and helpful. The cruise was smooth from launch to docking."
JDtunes, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Wonderful cruise if Lake George! We went on a Saturday morning with my family and had a wonderful time! The boat was not crowded and the weather was perfect! The timing couldn't have been better! Catching the 10:30 cruise was perfect due to lighter crowds and not so much heat and humidity which came later that day! 

The staff was wonderful and friendly! My 80 yr old father who doesn't like to do much was so happy he went and really had a great time! Thank you to the Captain and Crew for giving us the history of the area. That truly made the cruise more meaningful!"
Cheryl R, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Relaxing and beautiful! My family and I went on the one hour tour of the lake on the Horicon. The captain was extremely informative and it was nice to learn a few things about beautiful Lake George. You head north on the cruise close to some beautiful small islands and it really does amaze you at the sheer beauty and cleanliness of the lake. My niece loved it so much, she wanted to go the following day. They have a snack bar and cocktails for purchase and there were plenty of seats to choose from, with great views anywhere on the boat. It's a must the next time you're in Lake George."
HeathBlake, Historic Sightseeing Cruise Guest
August 2016

, "Enchanting evening for all! We are from Florida but have a family home up on Gore Mountain and get here every couple of years for the summer and invite close friends and family to stay with us. We wanted to do something very special for all the friends and family we had staying with us. We decided one night to book your dinner cruise complete with Fireworks on Lake George. Everyone was so impressed with the dinner, the beautiful shoreline views, the magnificent sunset and of course, the Glorious Fireworks. It was a wonderful ending to a great Adirondack Visit. Thank you for making it so special."
Mari K, Adirondac Fireworks Dinner Cruise Guest
August 2016

"Highly recommend! The whole family enjoyed every second of our two hour afternoon cruise! The boat is wonderful with more than enough room for everyone to have their own space. We enjoyed the beautiful views of Lake George while learning about the islands, mansions, and history. They also have a kitchen so when the kids (aged 7 & 2) were hungry we stopped to get a quick lunch in the air conditioned dining area before returning to our seats on the top deck to finish our cruise with the wind to keep us cool on a hot summer day.

A+++ service!
5 star rating!
Highly recommend!"
joelleg23, Adirondac Bay Cruise Guest
August 2016

, "We went on the Adirondac dinner cruise around Lake George. The food was wonderful. I enjoyed the prime rib, chicken cordon bleu and all the accompanying vegetables, salads and desserts. The boat had chairs on deck to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous weather. Everything came together including our new friends from the Corvette Express club to make this a special day."
timeoutfortravel, Adirondac Dinner Cruise Guest
July 2016


"Beautiful Views! We took the dinner cruise and loved it! The food was good, especially the chicken cordon bleu (we kept going back for more). They also has strawberry shortcake for desert which was great! They came around with complimentary margaritas which were delicious. After eating we still had over an hour to sit on the top deck and take in the views. We really enjoyed our time and are so happy we went!


Erin M., Public Dinner Cruise
Cruise: July 30, 2015 

"Wonderful way to see Lake George! We loved this newest of the tourist boats on Lake George! It's clean with ample room for seating on each of the 3 decks so travelers can choose to sit in the sun and breeze or indoors in the shade. We chose to sit out on the top deck since the view was spectacular! Many mansions and islands were pointed out and described as well as interesting stories told about them. We sailed up to the Sagamore Hotel in Bolton Landing before turning and sailing back to the Village. Staff members Robyn and Ricky were great, as well as all the others! Our 2 hour cruise went quickly and we loved every minute!

Sally C., Public Bay Cruise
Cruise: June 30, 2015

"We had guests from all over the world and the dinner cruise was the highlight of our conference. Everything was perfect! Thank you for arranging a full moon that night, too!"

Princeton University

Event: September 18, 2013 (University Dinner Cruise)


"Everything was excellent. Everyone had a great time. Can't wait to do it again! =) "

DeNooyer Chevrolet

Event: September 8, 2013 (Corporate Luncheon Cruise)


"I could not have been more pleased with our event. The staff was amazing and truly went out of their way to give us a great experience! "

Indy Edwards, Gentiva

Event: June 11, 2013 (Corporate Dinner Cruise)


"Katie was excellent to work with, as was the crew aboard the Horicon. Wonderful event. Look forward to doing it again next year."

Billy Rankin - Capital District YMCA
Event: September 27, 2012 (Cocktail Cruise)


"I must say, Katie Quirk was very helpful and excellent every time I called her! The staff gave very high service, food was very good!"

Crystal Transport 

Event: August 17, 2012 (Lunch Cruise aboard The Adirondac)

"Everything exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have asked for more personalized service. Our experience aboard the Adirondac was wonderful and the staff went above & beyond in their service to our party!"

Karey Cain
Event: July 17, 2009 (Adirondac Dinner Cruise)

"Thank you for an evening of peaceful moments, great memories and wonderful pastime conversation. One night could not have been, what it was, without the professional help and assistance of your staff…From the time we boarded ‘til the time we departed the vessel, you were the people who were behind the scenes touching the guests hearts and dreams. I wished your staff could have heard our guests talking of how beautiful there evening was."

Rick Buttles
Event: July 23, 2009 (Fireworks Dinner Cruise)

"As always, this event was wonderful! I received more thank you’s than you can imagine! The meal was wonderful, the cruise relaxing and the service was great. We will be sure to book again as this cruise ‘won the boss over’."

Ellen Morache, ITT Tech
Event: July 25, 2009 (Adirondac Dinner Cruise)


"It was a wonderful way for our family & friends to celebrate our parents 60th wedding anniversary. They were so happy and we all had a wonderful time. The food was delicious and the staff was terrific!"

Janet Jervis
Event: August 7, 2008 (Fireworks Dinner Cruise)